La'Nai during TAP summer trip to New York CityTanaya working at computerAaron and Tenia on TAP college tour

Ahn-yea, Matt, James and ChrisJamillah at TAP's after-school session

Alfredo on TAP field tripAngel at TAP Art CampDavid L.

Tiffany at TAP's Equestrian CampLamar getting some well-deserved sleep between Dragon Boat races

Hector and CharneeshaDarren D. at TAP's Summer 2009 Equestrian Session

The students listed below received special recognition for the work they did during TAP’s 2009 Summer  Writing Camp.  The camp,  sponsored by TAP and Widener University’s English Department, met on Widener’s campus for three hours a day for four days during the week.  Professor Michael Cocchiarale, Professor Ken Pobo and Jayne Thompson conducted the camp for a second year in a row.  The various pictures show the TAP seniors (Class of 2010) at a myriad of TAP functions.

  • DAVID LEISEY       Grade:  Excellent         Award:  Best Poem  Best Poem
  • ANGEL PABON  Grade:  Excellent         Award:  Best Work Ethic  The Wolf’s Cry and …White Silence
  • AHN-YEA GRAHAM              Grade:  Excellent         Award:  Best Collegiate Demeanor
  • CHARNEESHA QUEEN        Grade:  Excellent         Award:   Best Essay  Best Essay and  Nothing