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The following students received a the following grades and awards for the work they during TAP’s 2009 Summer  Writing Camp.  The camp,  sponsored by TAP and Widener University’s English Department, met on Widener’s campus for a week.  Professor Michael Cocchiarale, Professor Ken Pobo and Jayne Thompson conducted the camp for a second year in a row.

Angel  Pabon              Grade: Excellent            Award:  Best Work Ethic


Angel’s work from the camp:  The Wolf by Angel Pabon Essay_Breaking the White Silence_Angel Pabon



Ahn-yea Graham       Grade:  Excellent           Award:  Best Collegiate Demeanor


Ahn-yea’s work from the camp

Charneesha Queen    Grade:  Excellent           Award:  Best Essay  Charneesha Queen_Best Essay


Charneesha’s other work from the camp: Nothing by Charneesha Queen_Poem


David Leisey               Grade: Excellent           Award: Best Poem David Leisey_Best Poem


David’s other work from the camp: David Leisey Essay